Getting Answers to Job Application Questions

Mysteries about new job requirements and the application process can hold candidates back from new job opportunities.

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 Going from thinking about getting a new job to actually contacting an employer to apply for a job is a big step.  Job seekers always have many questions as they try to find a new job.

Some job seekers hesitate in asking questions.  They worry about how they will be judged by an employer based on the questions they ask.  Mysteries about new job requirements and the application process can hold candidates back from new job opportunities. 

Staffing agencies help take the mystery out of applying for a new job.  Recruiting agency staff considers both employees and employers when matching the right job with the right employee. Recruiters give job seekers clear, non-judgemental answers about the application process.  

A job seeker’s questions can include standard questions about experience required or job descriptions to more unusual questions about job flexibility and work environment.     Getting questions answered helps candidates make good employment decisions. 

For information about the application process and specific jobs, take a look at our video - How to apply for a Job with Labour Source .  Then, contact Labour Source to get your questions answered about new job opportunities is Toronto and the GTA. 


George Sayn-Wittgenstein has been “PlacingPeople First” at Labour Source in Toronto, Canada since 1996.  The content of this blog reflects George’s personal and professional insights of this ever changing world.


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