Prevent Unemployment by Learning Something New

Learning new things is exciting! Ignoring training opportunities may leave you without the skills needed in today's workplace.


Prevent Unemployment ... Learn Something New



As job markets change, working people worry that unemployment may become a personal problem.  The last few years have been tough on the Canadian economy and recent unemployment statistics show more unemployed Canadians.  As the jobs available change and some disappear, people with up-to-date knowledge and skills are in a better position to remain employed.  


Working people need to be aware of the newest work practices and technologies in their industries.  Food production workers need to understand and apply concepts like HACCP in their work practices.  Clerical and industrial staff must be aware of modern business practices and technology. Having up-to-date knowledge and skills allows employees to better function in this ever-changing world.


Do all that you can to continually improve your knowledge about the work you do. There are many different ways to learn more about your work. Completing workplace training and taking the initiative to personally learn more about your job leads to improved work skills and employability.  


Learning new things is exciting!  Ignoring training opportunities may leave you without the skills needed in today’s workplace.  Keep learning or someone who knows more or can do more may replace you!  


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Audra Sayn-Wittgenstein is Labour Source’s virtual community manager.   The content of this blog reflects Audra’s personal and professional insights of this ever-changing world.