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Innovation sets Labour Source apart


All staffing agencies provide similar services. Labour Source offers all the "Features and Benefits" required to achieve the best staffing solutions for your business. Labour Source's primary objective is to ensure that our business and our employees are meeting your expectations.  When you choose Labour Source as your staffing partner, we take the steps necessary to anticipate, understand and satisfy your needs. 

After we find you the staff you need, our service does not end there.  We offer employee benefits unique to our industry that are designed to motivate workers, increase productivity and foster a positive attitude on the job. We offer these programs and services to recognize our employees’ for hard work, all at no additional cost to our clients.


Profit sharing - Only at Labour Source:

Labour Source believes in rewarding people for a job well done. After all, we’re only as good as our people. We believe that we owe it to our employees to give them something back. Every six months, we share our profits with employees to recognize their part in our success. Profit sharing is a unique benefit of working with Labour Source.  Based on salary and performance, profit sharing motivates our employees and gives them something more to work toward. Receiving a share of our profits reminds our employees that they have made a difference for you and that they are important to the Labour Source team. 


Safety - We Take Care

Health and Safety education is  provided to all Labour Source employees.  Workplace health and safety rules, including a WHMIS introduction are part of every orientation for new Labour Source employees.  All employees are given a Labour Source Employee Orientation Handbook that contains health and safety rules and written policies and procedures. 

Regular reviews confirm our employees are well aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding safety.  The importance of safe work habits is stressed prior to assignments.  Extra briefings are provided for special safety concerns, such as Dangerous Goods Handling, use of personal protective equipment and onsite safety rules.  

Both in our offices and on-line resource centres, keeps an up-to-date library of health and safety educational materials easily accessible to any of our employee


The Labour Source’s Employee Resource Centre

We make sure our employees are aware of additional training opportunities.  Labour Source maintains an extensive Resource Centre, in our offices and online, that contains timely information about structured and non-structured learning and skill development opportunities such as seminars, recertification and diploma program and relevant community resources.  We encourage our workers to further develop their knowledge and work related skills.