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Get Your Employees Active

Most of us have heard reports about the health risks of our sedentary jobs....

Our Staffing Solutions:  Features... Benefits


We complete an extensive Client Profile of your company...  The most suitable employees will be sent to fill positions in your company.

Employees are tested on written, oral and mathematical ability...  Ensures that each employee is capable of learning on the job and qualified for your job mandate.

We take care of your recruitment costs...  We eliminate cost associated with payroll, administration time and effort and government remittances.

Safety is our priority... We have a strong health and safety focus in our business activities from corporate policies to candidate screening and orientation.

Flexibility...  Allows you to run a flexible work force and adapt to the ever changing market place. 

Additional probation period...  Allows clients a longer period to screen potential permanent employees.

24 hour a day access to Labour Source Advisors...   Allows for fast response to your requirements.

Computerized data base...  Allows Labour Source to quickly access employees pre-screened for any position.

Employee Profit-Sharing...  Employees are motivated to work harder for your company without additional cost to you.  It also gives the employees a sense of accomplishment.

Extensive Employee Resource Centre...  Provides information for on-going training for the employees thus improving the quality of employees we can provide to you. 


Bottom Line...  Labour Source Saves You Time and Money