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Brampton Employee Review

“Worked on a steady assignment, received several raises and bonuses. Hired fulltime. Assignment company involved Labour Source workers in meetings and company events. Highly recommend.”

– Food Industry Employee

Accounting Clerk Reviews Toronto Temp Agency

“I appreciate the agent in Labour Source finding me job quickly, they are resourceful and friendly. They keep contacting me since the first day of my work to track my working experience and satisfaction.”

– Accounting Clerk

Part-Time to Full-Time GTA Placement Agency Feedback

“A lady in the office stated that she was new. I found that her eagerness to help me be placed in a job was fantastic – the entire team from walking in was very helpful nevertheless. I enjoyed reporting to Labour Source but am pleasantly glad that I got hired FT by the company. Thnx to the team at Labour Source for helping me get FT. Advancing on and making more money is an achievement.”

– General Labourer

Job Placement Agency Review

“Labour Source has been very helpful and professional on my job search. Labour Source’s interview was precisely clear and understanding, further obtaining employment for myself very close to my residence. Within a 30 minute walk if i ever chose so. The placement and wage was very satisfying, hoping and liking to further my representation of Labour Source permanently. 5 stars for professionalism!!!!!”

– Shipper/Receiver

Woodbridge Work Placement Agency Testimonial

“When i first went to [Labour Source] to find employment, i was offered a job the same day. The staffing coordinators are very resourceful, helpful, honest and professional.

The job that i am doing currently is packing pharmaceutical products into boxes… There is so much to learn and there is room for advancement.”

– Packer

Toronto Temp Agency Worker Testimonial

“Labour source has worked amazingly for me. They’ve gotten me three jobs, and take the time to make sure the job is a perfect fit. It is a temp agency so the job stability may not be there, but they will continue to find you work until they find you a permanent placement. Amazing people, they’re always smiling!”

– Assembly Line Worker

GTA Temp Agency Review

“i enjoyed my time at labour source. when its a busy season the helps place you at work as fast as they can. the labour source staff are always very friendly and helpful. the workplace is usually busy and they is always something to do which i find good. my co workers are all friendly and available to assist for the team to get the job done in a timely manner.”

– Labour Source employee

Toronto Staffing Agency Testimonial

“Thank You Labour Source for the opportunity to get me a full time job. The staff was very helpful and kind. I will recommend Labour Source to my family, friends and to anyone looking for work.”

– S. N.