Labour Source Job Ready Tips – The Resume Part 4

Job Searching? You may need a work reference.

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This is our final post on the resume. In Part 4 we cover references. Interested in reading other posts on The Resume? Look for our blog posts on Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 in the resume series

Job Search Tip – References available on Request. 

Typically, the last section of your resume includes the statement – References available on request. You should not include the names and contact information of your references on your resume. However, you do need to have this information ready if you are asked for references. Who should you ask to be a reference? A former employer is the best choice. You can also ask a work colleague. What if you do not have work experience or a reference you can use? Ask a teacher, coach, volunteer position manager, or other community leader who knows you. Make sure you ask a reference for their permission in advance. If you give a potential employer your references, make sure you prepare your reference to receive a call or email. Tell your reference the company and manager’s name and the method used to collect references – phone or email. You can even help arrange a time if you are asked. Often it is very difficult to get in touch with references. You may be eliminated from consideration for a job because your reference did not call the employer back. It is your job to help ensure the references are completed. 

Job Search Tip – Ask for a reference letter. 

It is a good idea to ask for a reference letter at the end of a work assignment or volunteer position. Who should you ask? Ask former employers, a supervisor where you have volunteered, teachers, coaches and other community leaders who know you. Employers do not typically ask to see reference letters, but it can still be a useful document, especially if you have limited work experience. If you have received a thank you, service award or other honor for your work or community role you can include this on your resume. Keep these documents in case you want to get in touch with people involved in the future. 

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