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What are the Terms and Conditions of Labour Source Service?


Labour Source employees are hired by Labour Source and contracted to work at our clients' work sites.  While working at our clients' place of business, our employees will follow the rules and regulations described in the Labour Source Employee Orientation Handbook.  It is expected that client companies provide all necessary site specific orientation to Labour Source employees in order to maintain health and safety and to assure that the employee clearly understands his or her job description. 


Labour Source will remain the employer of the temporary staff we place at our client's business until the client advises us they would like to permanently hire or terminate the employment of the Labour Source employee.  A client may invite a Labour Source employee to join its company full-time following 12 full weeks (480 hours) of temporary employment. 


Labour Source's Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy extends to Labour Source employees placed on assignement at our clients' work place. 


Labour Source adheres to all legislated requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the Canadian Revenue Agency with regards to Employment Standards, and Health and Safety legislation. 


Professional Payroll Services


We understands that clients want ensure that the services they contract to a staffing agency are complying with provincial and federal requirements regarding payroll remittances. 

Labour uses proffessional payroll services to give our clients and employees peace of mind that all statutory payroll levies are being legally collected and remitted.

Our clients must let us know how many hours the employee worked during the pay period, then the rest of the payroll administration is done by Labour Source.

Employees have 3 options to receive their weekly pay: automatic bank deposits, paycheque or preloaded debit card.  To mitigate payroll disruptions, paycheques are delivered to the worksite as per your company policies.